That Patio Life: Self Care and Slowing Down

When the weather is nice and I have the free time, there’s not much I enjoy more then drinking a nice glass or two of wine on a patio. This could be at home, at a winery, at a restaurant, at a friends house; as long as the company is good and the place is conducive to calm relaxation, I’m in. Continue reading


Humility: Lessons Learned from The Great British Baking Show

My wife and I have recently (and very quickly) been going through the entire Great British Baking Show catalog. It started as a background show for her while she was working, and quickly became a main event show in our home. The premise of the show is not unlike any other food competition show: 12 amateur bakers compete weekly in a series of challenges that test their abilities. There’s a distinct and noticeable difference though… Continue reading