I love stories. I love written stories and audio stories. Short stories and long stories. Intricate stories and straightforward stories. When I watch a movie, I’m not stricken by EFX and choreography alone; if there’s no story of substance, it falls flat and is unappealing. Interestingly though, when I read, it’s rarely fiction. I like something that challenges me, learning something I didn’t know, exploring a topic in which I have interest.

Here you’ll find a mix of both, colored by my opinions and personal experiences. I’m a man of many interests (and even more opinions). I’m a musician; enthusiast of craft beer, wine, and bourbon, and you’ll probably find me talking about these a lot. Not to be pigeonholed, I also have thoughts and opinions on most everything that I encounter on a day to day basis, and I’ll explore a variety of topics.

I hope you’ll find these entertaining, thought provoking, somewhat humorous, and a good way to kill 5 minutes. Whether you agree or not, just remember, these are just one man’s thoughts.