Humility: Lessons Learned from The Great British Baking Show

My wife and I have recently (and very quickly) been going through the entire Great British Baking Show catalog. It started as a background show for her while she was working, and quickly became a main event show in our home. The premise of the show is not unlike any other food competition show: 12 amateur bakers compete weekly in a series of challenges that test their abilities. There’s a distinct and noticeable difference though… Continue reading

Watermelon Jolly Rancher: A Scientific Excursion in the Relationship of Flavors in Wine (To Prove A Point)

Do you remember being a kid, and convincing your parents to buy a bag of mixed flavor Jolly Ranchers? I always sifted through the peasant flavors in search of the highly luxurious watermelon flavor. Sure, I’d eat the rest, I was a sugar fiend growing up. But watermelon was the absolute best flavor of any candy I had. Do you remember what this tastes like? Continue reading