Why Yes, I Did Get Sun This Weekend

It’s Summer, so naturally people will end up spending more time outside enjoying the weather. Beaches are packed, people are out enjoying parks and trails, there are outdoor festivals, and restaurant patios are in full use. Any and every excuse to spend time in the sun. There is one downside though…the dreaded….SUNBURN. Continue reading


Humility: Lessons Learned from The Great British Baking Show

My wife and I have recently (and very quickly) been going through the entire Great British Baking Show catalog. It started as a background show for her while she was working, and quickly became a main event show in our home. The premise of the show is not unlike any other food competition show: 12 amateur bakers compete weekly in a series of challenges that test their abilities. There’s a distinct and noticeable difference though… Continue reading

Watermelon Jolly Rancher: A Scientific Excursion in the Relationship of Flavors in Wine (To Prove A Point)

Do you remember being a kid, and convincing your parents to buy a bag of mixed flavor Jolly Ranchers? I always sifted through the peasant flavors in search of the highly luxurious watermelon flavor. Sure, I’d eat the rest, I was a sugar fiend growing up. But watermelon was the absolute best flavor of any candy I had. Do you remember what this tastes like? Continue reading