Short Thought Thursday – Can You Do Me A Favor?

As we enter the warmer, dryer season, I would like to make a request to everyone. Last year we had a lot of fires here. A freaking lot. Here’s a picture of what it looked like on a completely cloudless day in September last year.


Dispicable, right? I still have ash in my home from this. I know I could clean my blinds, but I shouldn’t have to.

I know it’s very American to “blow shit up”, but maybe you can take a step back before you light fireworks after your 4th beer and ask yourself “is this a good idea?”.

It’s probably not.

I know you’re a rebel, and you’re probably going to play with fireworks. And maybe even have a cigarette or two. But do me a favor. Play with fireworks on concrete. And don’t throw your cigarette butts anywhere but a proper receptacle. Out-your-car-window isn’t a proper receptacle.

These are not just one man’s thoughts, these are the thoughts of everyone who enjoys clean air and the beauty of our state. Don’t be “that guy”. No one likes “that guy”.

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